When I was a little girl, some of my earliest memories include standing in my own Granny’s kitchen on the farm and watching her cook. Before the age of five I understood where food came from because I helped gather eggs, watched Granny churn butter, and helped her make applesauce. She did things the old fashioned way, and while it’s nice to have the option to use shortcuts and kitchen gadgets, I’m glad I learned to do things by hand.

Many decades later, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching my own daughters how to do things and now have stepped into the “Grammy” shoes and find joy in spending time with grandchildren who like to learn the art of cooking, both girls and boys.

Imagine how exciting it is to get messages on Saturday mornings from my granddaughter Sophia and her mommy showing me what she’s learning to cook that day. Sophia has to be careful about her diet because she has celiac, so having a skillset that allows her to make and enjoy things within the parameters of her dietary restrictions is important.

At the present time, she is learning how to work with mixes that allow her to practice on her own. She really loves doing it by herself. The donuts pictured were made with the King Arthur GF Donut mix and were baked in a BabyCakes mini donut iron. She piped in the batter, baked for three minutes, and they turned out perfectly!

Her mommy is very supportive of this and has supplied her with the tools she needs to learn.

“I bought new mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, and glass liquid measuring cups for her,” her mom, Annie, said. “She wakes up on the weekends and begs to bake. I love it!”

It’s exciting to see one more generation enjoying the time together making great food and great memories. I can hardly wait to see what Sophia masters next!

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