The battle lines are drawn. Will it be the dressing/stuffing? Or, will it be the green bean casserole? Everyone has their favorite must-have Thanksgiving side dishes that have become nearly as important as the traditional turkey. Here’s your opportunity to share your favorite along with any stories about who prepared it and why you love it. I’ll start…

IT’S THE DRESSING. Hands down, my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal. I still make the dressing I learned to make from my Mom, although I’ve made a few tweaks here and there. I’ll be sharing that recipe later on so watch for it! For most of my childhood I thought all dressing was the same. But, there is a whole wide world of options and a big difference between dressing and stuffing. We never stuffed the bird. The cornbread dressing, full of onion, celery and seasonings, was baked on the side.

I still limit this to a once a year offering so that it remains a treasured “treat” during the holidays. What’s YOUR favorite Thanksgiving side? Maybe this year I’ll be inspired to branch out and try something new!

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